Let us help you sell your property.

Dear seller, do you have property that needs the added benefits from using a specialty company like Michigan Outdoor Properties?

We are continually looking for unique pieces of property that we can offer to our clients. The number one criteria is that it is “Outdoor Recreational” orientated. We are looking for hunting land, equestrian type properties, lake front homes and/or land, river front homes and/or land, cottages, cabins, etc.

Michigan Outdoor Properties L.L.C. was born out of a need for a place were customers like yourself could come and get help selling the types of properties that you own. We then went out and hired some of the best and most knowledgeable Real Estate Sales people we could find. Salesmen that not only a passion for the outdoors, but who also represent the Michigan Outdoor Property name with integrity.

What does that mean for you the seller you ask.

  1. Because we specialize in Recreational Properties all of our marketing is focused on reaching individuals that are passionate about the outdoors.
  2. We have put together one of the most effective internet marketing campaigns for outdoor property in the market. We not only target the buyers here in the State of Michigan, we also target buyers from the entire US and the world for that matter.
  3. We continually analyze where our advertising dollars are spent and focus those dollars on the most effective advertising.
  4. You get local representation for your property because we are members of our local MLS service plus we are also members of two different state wide services allowing us to capture out of town buyers.
  5. Your property will also be listed on our website which has very good search results and traffic.
  6. We are constantly marketing our listings in local and national publications that target the types of buyers that want your property. We are targeting our buyers with rifle precision.

The beauty of this listing program is that is doesn’t cost you any more than if you listed your property with a local realtor. But, with us you get local coverage, because we are Michigan based Real Estate agents, and you also get the National coverage, because of the way we market your property.

If you still have any questions please give us a call or drop us an e-mail we would love to talk with you any time it is convenient for you.


The staff at Michigan Outdoor Properties, LLC