Rose City Wilds

I call these places "Special Purpose" Hunting Lands, where you gotta enjoy hunting the knarly stuff. Those places that are brushy, thick, a little squishy / wet areas, and your encounters with deer are up close and personal. One of those spots you'll need that compass to find your stand in the daylight and at dusk. Trees are mostly poplars, spruce, cedar, and various bushes. Some tall grass running thru the power line that crosses the land. Seems a little tamer out by the road, but gets wild and woolly the farther you head back in. I'm thinking this is one of those places the deer move around all day because it's so secluded. One of those places that you pack a lunch and stay all day. Just keep an eye out for some critter that may want that lunch more than you.

This 40 acres is on a paved road between Rose City and Lupton and only a mile east to Rifle River Recreation Area. It does have a hard surface driveway just off the road that gives you a place to park.

There are farm lands on the neighboring properties to the west and northwest to keep the deer fed. Aerial shown is for layout purposes, not to be used as a survey. Address shown is for GPS, Mapquest purposes, not an actual address. It'll get you in the neighborhood.

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